About Ice Barrel

What if we were
capable of more?

We believe that everyone everywhere is capable
of a life filled with well-being.

But what if we have confused comfort with happiness

That is the ever-expanding search for convenience, we forget what we’re capable of. That somehow, we lost the simple practices that release us for the extraordinary.

How It Started

My journey with cold therapy began a few years back when I was stressed out, anxious, and depressed. Between work and family, I was burning the candle at both ends and running out of steam. One day at the gym a stranger told me I didn’t look well…

Great discoveries
are meant
to be shared

Our mission

Our mission is to create the most accessible and effective cold therapy solutions to help you get colder and feel better!


Be Wildly Courageous

We are committed to nurturing a culture that is built on trust, creating a safe space to fail, embracing transparency in everything we do, and relentlessly keeping our commitments.

Lead With The Heart

We are dedicated to slowing down and listening with empathy to those we are entrusted to serve, nourishing their overall well-being, and valuing relationships over transactions.

Live Mindfully

We are devoted to supporting practices and rituals designed to increase self-awareness and build mental resilience so that those we serve can live their best lives.

Be Playfully Curious

We are committed to cultivating an atmosphere of trust where everyone feels secure enough to be insatiably curious so that we achieve the highest form of creativity & innovation.

Our vision

We envision a future where the power of cold therapy enhances the potential of everybody, everywhere; we are explorers, expanding the science of cold therapy to deliver the most accessible and effective solutions.

The Invitation to Adventure

Now it’s
your turn…

We are inviting you on an extraordinary adventure to explore the depths of your potential and experience the incredible results Ice Barrel will produce in your life. Not just for you, but for the ones you love most and the things you are most passionate about.

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