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muscular man doing pull-ups

8 Easy Steps To Improve Your Post-Workout Recovery Routine

Regular workouts help the body to perform at its best. With exercise, however, comes body aches and stiff muscles, especially…

woman exercising on a mat

Ice Baths After a Workout: Good or Bad for Building Strength?

Building mass and getting stronger are two different things. Below are some recommendations that may be helpful when your goal…

man working out

Setting up your Post-Workout Ice Bath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help you Master this Process

Setting up a post-workout ice bath is an effective way to recover from muscle aches and stiffness. Cold therapy can…

Do Ice Baths Work for Back Pain?

Immersing yourself in cold water has many pain-relieving benefits. Thanks to the rise in demand by health influencers, celebrities, trainers,…

How Does Cold Therapy Work for Depression?

How Does Cold Therapy Work for Depression?

Cold therapy is a non-invasive treatment that deeply penetrates throughout the entire body. The cold temperatures changes the way the body’s nervous system communicates…

Cryotherapy and Ice Baths: What’s the Difference?

Cryotherapy and Ice Baths What’s the Difference?

When it comes to cold therapy, the treatment involves using cold elements to help reduce pain and swelling caused by…

Understanding Holotropic Breathwork and Cold Exposure

Understanding Holotropic Breathwork and Cold Exposure

Our bodies are uniquely and wonderfully made. They are able to do “self maintenance,” and have functions that “kick in”…

Heat or Cold: Which is Better with Contrast Therapy?

It’s easy to cringe at the thought of having an iced cold shower. It definitely isn’t as soothing and “pacifying”…

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