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6 Cold Therapy Benefits for Runners

Cold therapy, in the form of ice baths and other cooling techniques, has become a popular recovery method among runners…

Mal O’Brien on Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we sat down with Ice Barrel Ambassador Mal O’Brien to dive into how…

CrossFit Games Athlete Brooke Wells takes an ice bath in an Ice Barrel 300

Q&A with CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells

One of the biggest names in CrossFit, Brooke Wells is hoping to qualify for the CrossFit Games for the ninth…

Man smiling after an ice bath

7 Ice Bath Benefits That Make the Cold Worth It

When it comes to feeling better, people are willing to try just about anything.  The simple act of getting in…

Epsom salts in an ice bath

The Benefits of Epsom Salts in Ice Baths

Epsom salt is a type of magnesium sulfate. This compound is made from a mixture of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen….

CrossFit athlete Brittany Weiss dips into an Ice Barrel to boost her recovery after a CrossFit workout

Make It to More CrossFit Classes With the Help of Cold Water Immersion

CrossFit is an incredible way to build strength, but to get the best results you must properly recover between workouts….

Runner tired after bonking, or hitting the wall, during a marathon

Do You Bonk During Your Run? Here’s Why and What To Do About It

Many long-distance athletes are familiar with the concept of bonking or “hitting the wall.” It’s the sudden, severe fatigue that…


Cold Shock Proteins: What They Are and What They Do

It’s well-established that periodic cold exposure can have positive effects on human health. Whether you’re exercising in cold weather or…

Ice Bath vs. Sauna for Post-Workout Recovery: Which is Better?

Some athletes and gymgoers swear by hot sauna sessions after a hard workout, while others prefer taking regular cold plunges…

When Is the Best Time to Take an Ice Bath?

Whether you’re already an ice bath enthusiast or are interested in giving cold therapy a try, you may wonder how…

What Does Your Heart Rate Variability Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Heart Rate Variability Say About Your Health?

Health-conscious people may track a wide variety of health indicators on a daily basis. You may track everything from your…

Cold Habituation: How Winter Olympians Prepare for the Games

Cold Habituation: How Winter Olympians Prepare for the Games

While many Winter Olympics athletes come from cold-weather countries — Norway, Germany, Canada, the U.S., and the Netherlands topped the medal…

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