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Category Archives: Mental Health

Chronic Anxiety: What It Means and How to Manage It

How Chronic Anxiety Impacts Your Life

If you frequently feel anxious, you’re not alone. In the United States alone, about 40 million adults have an anxiety…

How Cold Therapy Can Help Manage Mental Illnesses

Can Cold Therapy Help With Mood Disorders?

Mental illnesses are very common. Nearly one in ten U.S. adults experienced a mood disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder,…

How Does Cold Therapy Work for Depression?

How Does Cold Therapy Work for Depression?

Cold therapy is a non-invasive treatment that deeply penetrates throughout the entire body. The cold temperatures changes the way the body’s nervous system communicates…

Dementia Prevention with Cold Water Immersion Therapy

Dementia Prevention With Cold Water Immersion Therapy

Cold Water Immersion Therapy may have the potential to significantly decrease and/or prevent the symptoms of dementia-associated conditions, including Alzheimer’s…

[ ] How Vagus Nerve Stimulation Works for Depression – A Brief Guide

How Vagus Nerve Stimulation Works For Depression – A Brief Guide.

With 12 cranial nerves working to regulate our sensory, bodily, and motor-related functions, having them work properly is important, to say the least. Of…

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