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Biohacks that Work and the Science that Proves It

Biohacking is a growing trend in wellness and self-improvement spaces. Biohackers use a range of techniques to strategically improve their…

How Positive and Negative Stress Affect Your Wellbeing

Eustress vs. Distress: The Different Types of Stressors

Stress isn’t always bad—as long as you learn to harness its perks. It’s an ancient survival mechanism that triggers a…

3 Examples of Positive Stressors and Why You Need Them

3 Examples of Positive Stressors, and Why You Need Them

The word stress often evokes negative thoughts and feelings. That’s because much of the research and media coverage of stress…

All You Need to Know About Vitamin D: Facts, Myths, and More

Many athletes have integrated cold therapy into their wellness routines. Ice baths are becoming more popular and accessible. But there’s…

How your gut health affects your overall health

Microbiota: How Your Gut Affects Your Overall Health

When you think of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, you may think of disease. While some of these microorganisms are dangerous…

Do-It-Yourself Spa Days: 5 Simple, Accessible Ways to Revitalize at Home

If sore muscles, mental chatter, and a noisy world have you feeling fatigued and depleted, it’s time for a spa…

Occupational Therapy: How It Works and How Cold Therapy Can Help

What Is Occupational Therapy and How Cold Therapy Can Help

Both temporary and chronic health issues can make it more difficult to participate in day-to-day activities at home, school, work,…

Beat the Summ er Heat: Our Top 5 Tips for Staying Cool

Heat Stress: 5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

The arrival of summer weather gives you the opportunity to get back into the outdoor activities you missed during the…

You May Have Chronic Stress, Let’s Talk Symptoms and Treatment

Chronic Stress: The Impact On Your Life And How You Can Treat It

Chronic Stress Impacting Your Health? All around us we hear that stress is bad. But is it really? When you…

Cold Baths for Couples

Cold Baths for Couples: Take the Swedish Tradition Home this Valentine’s Day

As we head into the season of romance, what better way to bond and spend quality time with your person…

Take a Mindful Approach to Your New Year’s Resolution Fitness Journey

Take a Mindful Approach To Your New Year’s Resolution Fitness Journey

Getting more exercise is consistently one of America’s most popular New Year’s resolutions. According to a YouGov survey conducted in 2020, 50%…

Unlocking Advanced Benefits of Aromatherapy with Ice Baths

Unlocking Advanced Benefits Of Aromatherapy With Ice Baths

Aromatherapy is an age-old holistic healing remedy that has proven to promote good health and improve psychological and physical well-being. With…

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