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Company Overview

At Ice Barrel, we are a team of innovators, creatives,= and community builders with a mission to create the most accessible and effective cold therapy solutions to help people get colder and feel better. Our vision is to enhance the potential of everybody, everywhere by expanding the science of cold therapy and delivering the most accessible and effective solutions.

Role overview

As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Ice Barrel, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our brand’s identity, driving customer engagement and contributing to revenue growth through innovative multi-channel marketing and community building. Your leadership will be vital in ensuring the alignment of marketing strategies with overarching business objectives while consistently meeting project deadlines and adhering to budget constraints. This high-level role demands a profound understanding of data-driven insights, financial metrics, brand storytelling, community engagement and leading a team to multi-channel mastery.

Core competencies

  1. Strategic Leadership: The CMO provides strategic leadership by shaping the brand’s marketing direction, ensuring alignment with overarching business goals, and consistently meeting deadlines and budget requirements.
  2. Data-Driven Insight: Proficiency in leveraging data analytics for informed marketing decisions across various channels, with a keen focus on optimizing budgets.
  3. Financial Metrics: Lead and direct the team’s efforts toward the crucial marketing metrics that drive success. By understanding the company’s key marketing and overall metrics, you’ll empower your team not only to meet but also exceed established goals. Together, we’ll focus on achieving and surpassing vital marketing metrics such as Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Average Order Value (AOV), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Additionally, we’ll ensure that marketing expenses remain in the optimal range as a percentage of revenue.
  4. Brand Storytelling: Deep understanding of the brand’s story, overseeing the creation of compelling narratives to maintain an authentic brand identity.
  5. Community Engagement: Fostering a loyal customer community through understanding community dynamics, creating engagement strategies, and delivering on time.
  6. Multi-Channel Mastery: In-depth knowledge of marketing channels, with a focus on coordination and effective utilization to meet project deadlines.
  7. Digital Marketing Expertise: Proficiency in digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, content marketing, and online advertising, with a strong understanding of attribution challenges.
  8. Innovation Champion: Encouraging creative, innovative marketing ideas and campaigns that stand out in a competitive marketplace.
  9. Team Leadership: Guiding and inspiring a high-performing marketing team with clear objectives, a collaborative work environment, and a steadfast commitment to meeting deadlines and budget goals.

Key responsibilities

  1. Strategic Marketing Development: Craft a comprehensive marketing strategy aligning with overall business objectives and channel-specific roadmaps, always conscious of budget constraints and project deadlines.
  2. Budget Oversight: Manage the marketing budget efficiently, allocating resources to maximize the impact of campaigns while consistently meeting budget targets. Collaborate with the finance department to ensure that marketing expenses remain within the desired percentage of revenue. Make adjustments as needed to maintain profitability.
  3. Metric Understanding: Gain a deep understanding of the company’s key marketing and financial metrics, including but not limited to Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Average Order Value (AOV), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  4. Goal Setting and Exceeding: Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to set ambitious yet achievable goals in line with the company’s strategic vision. Develop strategies and initiatives to exceed these goals.
  5. Team Leadership: Lead and motivate cross-functional teams to work cohesively towards achieving critical marketing metrics. Provide guidance and direction to ensure everyone is aligned with the objectives.
  6. Data Analysis: Utilize data analysis tools and methodologies to monitor and report on the progress of key metrics. Regularly assess the performance and identify areas for improvement.
  7. Brand Identity: Continuously evolve the brand’s identity and positioning to remain relevant and appealing to the target audience, all while staying within budget allocations.
  8. Community Cultivation: Implement strategies to build and engage the brand’s community, fostering a sense of belonging among customers while delivering projects on schedule.
  9. Content Strategy: Lead content creation to ensure the effective communication of the brand’s story through diverse marketing materials, with a strong focus on on-time delivery.
  10. Channel Coordination: Ensure seamless coordination and integration among marketing channels, maintaining consistent messaging and customer experiences while adhering to project timelines and budget limits.
  11. Data Analysis: Regularly analyze marketing performance metrics to identify trends, insights, and areas for improvement, and adapt strategies accordingly, all within budget parameters.
  12. Partnerships and Collaborations: Explore and establish partnerships with influencers, affiliates, and brands that align with the DTC brand’s values and target audience, within budgetary restrictions.
  13. Innovation Promotion: Foster a culture of innovation within the marketing team, encouraging the testing of new ideas and approaches while maintaining budgetary discipline.
  14. Talent Management: Recruit, train, and guide a high-performing marketing team, providing the necessary resources for success while always meeting project deadlines and budget goals.
  15. Stakeholder Communication: Maintain clear communication with other departments, especially Sales, Product Development, and Customer Service, ensuring marketing aligns with the broader business strategy while adhering to financial constraints.
  16. Crisis Oversight: Be prepared to handle marketing crises, such as public relations issues, with a strategic and empathetic approach, all while keeping an eye on budgetary limitations.
  17. Regulatory Compliance: Stay updated on industry regulations and ensure the brand’s marketing practices remain compliant, always within budget constraints.


  • Industry Experience: A minimum of 5 years of progressive experience in marketing, with at least 3 years in leadership roles. Experience in the DTC or e-commerce industry is highly preferred.
  • Proven Track Record: A history of achieving and exceeding marketing and financial metrics, driving revenue growth, and building brand identity. Successful execution of multi-channel marketing strategies is essential.
  • Data-Driven Expertise: Proficiency in data analysis and leveraging data-driven insights to inform marketing decisions. Demonstrated experience in optimizing marketing budgets for maximum ROI.
  • Team Leadership: A history of creating an environment that not only fosters the achievement of objectives, budget management, and project deadlines but also places significant emphasis on coaching and guiding teams to scale their capabilities in tandem with the business’s growth.

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