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As the Official Cold Therapy partner of the NOBULL CrossFit Games, Ice Barrel knows that peak performance requires a focus on recovery.

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Bring the power of cold therapy to your gym with Ice Barrel


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Use code CrossFitAPN to get 30% off your entire purchase, including the Ice Barrel and all accessories. This deal is exclusively available to CrossFit box owners.


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Earn a commission when anyone purchases on icebarrel.com using your discount code. They get 15% off, you get 10% back.


Train hard.
Recover harder.

Ice Barrel is a drug-free option to support the recovery of athletes everywhere with benefits that promote athletic recovery and performance.

Reduce muscle fatigue

Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness by reducing inflammation and constricting blood vessels.

Feel full-body benefit

The unique upright design allows you to fully submerge and reap the maximum benefits of your ice bath.

Increase mental toughness

Builds mental resilience, discipline and grit by asserting "top-down" control within the brain.

Activate brown fat

Which plays a key role in burning calories and increasing metabolism.

Boost mental health

Reduces depression, anxiety and stress by releasing norepinephrine.

Get better sleep

Helps you sleep better by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Cold Therapy Webinar

Did you catch our July 18 Ice Barrel x CrossFit APN Webinar? Hear the origin story of Ice Barrel, learn about the benefits of cold water and get tips for using this recovery modality in your gym.

FAQ's from Affiliates

How do you maintain the Ice Barrel?

The Ice Barrel requires very little maintenance. It has an easy-to-use drainage system that connects to a standard garden hose. We recommend changing the water every four weeks or as preferred. You can keep your water cleaner by using a water stabilizer. We recommend our maintenance kit, which includes everything you’ll need to keep your Ice Barrel clean and functional.

When is the ideal time to do cold therapy? First thing in the morning or post-WOD?

The best time to take an ice bath will be different depending on your training goals. 

If you’re focusing on strength, it’s best to ice bath earlier in the day (before your workout) or wait 6 to 8 hours after your workout. One of the effects of cold water is reduced inflammation. If you’re working out for gains, that actually helps with muscle growth, so it’s best not to take an ice bath right away. 

If you’re focusing on endurance and cardio, you can take an ice bath immediately after your WOD.

Is the 300 or 400 better for CrossFit boxes?

Ice Barrel 300 and 400 are unique in their own ways. When considering which is best for your gym and your customers, consider climate, accessibility and how you will use the barrel. The 400 is taller and slightly larger, so it allows for a more relaxed upright position — especially if you are over 6 foot 2 inches or 250 pounds. The 300 is shorter and wider, so it is easier to enter and exit without using a stepladder. The 300 is also fully insulated, so it might be a good choice for those who live in warmer climates. Both the 300 and 400 are compact and lightweight, so they are easy to move to different locations, although the 300 fits most easily through standard doors.

How much ice will I need?

That will depend greatly on the climate and season where you live. Because of its added insulation, the 300 does have superior performance when it comes to keeping your ice bath cold Read our tips for getting your ice bath cold.

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Bring the power of cold therapy to your gym with Ice Barrel.

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