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As the official Cold Therapy Partner of the 2024 CrossFit Games, Ice Barrel makes it easy to add this powerful recovery tool to your box.

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Bring the power of cold therapy to your gym with Ice Barrel


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Get 30% off your entire purchase, including all Ice Barrel models and accessories (not applicable to Chiller). This deal is exclusively available to CrossFit affiliates.


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Train hard.
Recover harder.

Optimizing health, fitness, and performance — Ice Barrel supports the CrossFit community by providing a host of mental and physiological benefits.

Reduce muscle fatigue

Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness by reducing inflammation and constricting blood vessels.

Feel full-body benefit

The unique upright design allows you to fully submerge and reap the maximum benefits of your ice bath.

Increase mental toughness

Builds mental resilience, discipline and grit by asserting "top-down" control within the brain.

Activate brown fat

Which plays a key role in burning calories and increasing metabolism.

Boost mental health

Reduces depression, anxiety and stress by releasing norepinephrine.

Get better sleep

Helps you sleep better by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Cold Therapy Webinar

Did you catch our Ice Barrel x CrossFit APN Webinar? Hear the origin story of Ice Barrel, learn about the benefits of cold water and get tips for using this recovery modality in your gym.

FAQ's from Affiliates

Why would I want to add cold therapy to my CrossFit box?

Ice baths can improve the performance and wellbeing of your members in many physical and mental ways (see cold therapy benefits above), helping them achieve greater results. Ice baths also serve as a bonding experience, helping to create a stronger community, and can increase the value of your membership options.

Why Ice Barrel?

Here at Ice Barrel, we design every product from the ground up with you in mind — helping to support an active cold therapy routine and making it easier to get colder and feel better.

Here are just a few reasons why customers choose Ice Barrel:

  • Our barrels are made with non-toxic recycled materials in the US by a US workforce.
  • You can’t beat the value-for-money — our barrels are extremely durable and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The unique upright position allows for a more natural full-body submersion.
  • Lightweight and easy to move when empty, easy to transport to events.
  • All our barrels fit through a standard 31″ door frame.
  • Convenient to use and easy to maintain with the attached drain spout.
  • Our barrels are compatible with water chillers as well as simply using ice.

Which Ice Barrel model is best for CrossFit boxes?

While all of our Ice Barrel products are used and loved in gyms across the country, we recommend the new Ice Barrel 500 model to affiliates looking to add cold therapy to their box. Here are some of the reasons affiliates love the 500 model:

  1. Insulation. Being the most insulated cold therapy product on the market means your water stays colder for longer, even with a high volume of members using it each day.
  2. Fits most body sizes up to 7′ and 300 lbs. Plus the built-in stairs and seat ensure easy entry and exit for a safe cold therapy experience.
  3. Includes attached handles underneath to fit through a standard 31″ door frame while still being lightweight to move when empty.
  4. Comes chiller-ready but can also be used with ice. Easily attach a water chiller to maintain water temperature or simply use with water and ice.

As a buyer’s guide for boxes with 100-200 members, we recommend the following products:

How do I implement cold therapy at my CrossFit box?

Here are a few tips to set you up for success:

  1. Set the barrels up in a space where they can easily be filled, used, and drained as needed.
  2. Have members use when they’d like or set up certain times during the week or weekend where barrels will be in use.
  3. You can use this as a value-add (free for members) or you could set up a recovery add-on membership or punch card (we see this as a great option when you have a sauna on site as well).

How do I maintain the Ice Barrel and keep it clean?

All Ice Barrel models require very little maintenance. They feature an easy-to-use drainage system that connects to a standard garden hose. You can keep your water cleaner for longer by using our Water Stabilizer. We recommend our Maintenance Kit, which includes everything you’ll need to keep your Ice Barrel clean and functional.

When is the ideal time to do cold therapy? First thing in the morning or post-WOD?

The best time to take an ice bath will be different depending on training goals. Doing it towards the beginning of the day will certainly boost energy, focus and mood which you can use for the gym.  If you’re focusing on strength, it’s best to ice bath earlier in the day (before your workout) or wait 6 to 8 hours after your workout.  If you’re focusing on endurance and cardio, you can take an ice bath immediately after your WOD.

How do I get and keep the water cold?

There are various options to consider on how to best chill the water for cold therapy including ice, natural cold water, and/or our new Ice Barrel Chiller. Ice can be available via local purchases, making ice in a freezer with our Ice Blocks or purchasing an ice maker to have on-site. Additional considerations include your starting water temperature, expected amount of users per day utilizing the Ice Barrel, budget, staff maintenance support, and personal preference. Contact us if you have specific questions we can help you with.

Can I host my own cold therapy event at my CrossFit box?

Yes! This is a great way to connect with your members and showcase your dedication as a CrossFit box owner along with a great learning experience for staff members.

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