Enhancing the spa

We partner with health centers, spas and wellness retreats all over the nation to share the power of cold therapy and integrate cold exposure solutions with current offerings.

Our innovative approach is providing a unique member experience while
driving new business your way.

Customer Experience

Ice Barrel’s unique and easy to setup and design, clients will be enjoying a innovative cold therapy experience.


Access to Ice Barrel’s user-friendly educational resources summarizing cutting-edge academic research on the science and benefits of cold therapy.


With our state of the art cold training tools, we provide everything you need for the best cold exposure experience.


With our affiliate and dealer programs, let your customers take the experience home.

    Customer experience

    Spas can offer an additional recovery solution (cold therapy) or as an add on to current offerings.

    Contrast therapeutic experience

    Great recovery option after massage or sporting event

    Inflammation, anxiety, and depression


      Gain access to resource on the benefits of cold therapy

      • Science page, white paper, blogs, protocols etc…

      Offer cold therapy courses and “Pop-Ups”, connect with brand rep


        Exclusive pricing on all products

        Access to beta testing and innovation up-coming products


          With affiliate links and dealer programs, Ice barrel works to simply and easily integrate with your retail experience.

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