The Game Within The Games

Ice Barrel Scavenger Hunt

How it works

Ready to play? The hunt begins Sunday, August 6 @ 6 a.m. CDT


Find the Ice Barrel Medallion

We have hidden one Ice Barrel Medallion somewhere within a 3-mile radius of the Alliant Energy Center. Sign up below to join the hunt and get access to all the text clues.


Get email and SMS clues

At 6am CDT on Sunday, August 6, we will begin to release clues via email & text. You will get a new clue sent to you every 10-15 minutes until the Medallion is found.

Get a head start with extra clues

How to earn extra clues

This year, we added a fun way to earn extra clues before the hunt starts. 

Below is a list of key brands with an extra clue waiting for you at their booth. But there is a slight catch — they are not going to just hand the clues over. You will have to participate in a challenge designed by each of the bands.
Visit their booths anytime throughout the Games to complete the challenge. Collect all the extra clues, and you just might have an advantage over the other participants!

JUNK brands
Kineon Labs
Froning Farms
CrossOver Symmetry
Stream Fitness LLC


Here are just some of the incredible prizes totaling over $7,000

Ice Barrel 300 ($1,200 value)
SUP Paddle Board from Isle ($975 value)
10 cases of GO & 10 cases of MOLK from Jocko GO / Jocko Molk ($700 value)
50% off gift card Kineon Labs for the MOVE+ Pro ($499 value)
Crossover Symmetry Shoulder + Hip Package ($350 value)
HWPO 1-Year Membership ($480 value)
O2 Mini Fridge, 2 cases of O2 ($375 value)
YETI Flip 12 Soft Cooler, 2lb YETI Ice, 1L Yonder Bottle, 35oz Mug w/Straw ($340 value)
PRVN supplements + package ($300 value)
G-Shock Move 5600 Series Watch ($300 value)
CrossFit Gift Card ($250 value)
NoBull Gift Card ($250 value)
Momentous Gift Card ($200 value)
Uno Mas Ropa two hats, two wristbands, two patches, two shirts ($200 value)
Podium Summer Product Package ($185 value)
FLEO Games Exclusive Shirts & Shorts ($170 value)
GORUCK Bullet Ruck ($150 value)
Ascent Protein Pre-Workout, Protein, Shaker Bottle, Hoodie ($150 value)
Froning Farms Meat, Snacks, Hat ($150 value)
50 bags of WILDE Chips ($150 value)
FREVO Rope and Alec Smith Grips from Rx Smart Gear ($130 value)
Box of Headbands from JUNK Brands ($125 value)
4 cases of NOCCO ($120 value)
2 shakers, RP stickers, RP Strength Diet Coach App access ($120 value)
Trifecta $60 Gift Card + Shirts ($120 value)
Element 26 Belt, Knee Sleeves, Cryo10 ($115 value)
GOWOD 1-year Membership ($108 value)
24x Paper Street Coffee Cans ($100 value)
LRX Apparel Gift Card ($100 value)
Wild South Apparel $75 Gift Card + Swag Bag ($100 value)
Signed StreamFit hat by Scott Panchik, 2 Leather Patches, Sticker ($75 value)
2POOD Belt Certificate ($65 value)
Moxie Fitness Leakproof Women’s Shorts ($65 value)
Born Primitive Gift Card ($50 value)
Victory Grips Wristbands ($48 value)
12-pack Cowbell ($38 value)
1 case of Yerbaé ($32 value)


Can more than one person win?

There can only be one winner. Good luck!

Is the Medallion on public property?

Yes. The Medallion will not be hidden on private property.

Is the Medallion underground?

No, you will not need to dig to find the Medallion.

What do I do if I find the Medallion?

You must return the Medallion to the Ice Barrel booth to claim your prizes.

Join the hunt

Enter your details to receive clues sent via email & SMS

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