Ice Barrel 400 Conversion Kit Installation Instructions

Tools Required:

  1. You will need a power drill for this installation process. All other required tools have been provided with your kit.


  1. With any of these parts, overtightening can potentially damage the parts or the product.

New Top Bulkhead Installation:

  1. Choose the side for the new top bulkhead based on your preference, power access, and aesthetics. 
  2. Place the provided sticker template on the selected side’s top rectangle and drill a hole using a 1-1/2 inch hole bit at low speed with mild pressure (see photo 1 below).
  3. Smooth any rough edges around the drilled hole for a clean finish.
  4. Prepare the bulkhead by removing the nut and ensuring the rubber washer’s smooth side faces the bulkhead, with the ribbed side against the Ice Barrel (see photo 2 below).
  5. Insert the bulkhead through the hole from inside the barrel and secure it by tightening the nut from the outside until finger-tight, then use the provided tool to tighten further (see photo 3 below).
  6. Attach the chiller fitting to the bulkhead exterior, using thread tape for a secure seal.

Bottom Drain Spout Upgrade:

  1. Unscrew and remove the existing drain spout (see photo 4 below).
  2. Install the new drain spout from the kit by sliding it into the hole, securing it with the washer and nut from the inside, and tightening it with the provided tool (see photo 5 below).
  3. Attach the pre-filter to the inside of the new drain spout, ensuring it’s hand-tight for ease of future cleaning (see photo 6 below).

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