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We’ve tried every product on the market and found that other options fell short in one way or another. We meticulously designed our Chiller to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Intelligent cooling to 37°F
With superior energy efficiency, the Ice Barrel Chiller makes cooling to 37°F easy. Smart sensors maintain the perfect temperature effortlessly.
Rugged elegance
Designed for elegance and engineered for resilience. Waterproof components and SmartSense technology ensure reliable performance in diverse environments.
Ready when you are
Intuitive app control and on-demand programming mean your Ice Barrel is ready when you need it and conserves energy when you don't.

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Pre-order today to save $200 and be one of the first to get the world’s most advanced cold therapy chiller.
$2,799.99 $2,999.99
Shipments are expected to begin mid-summer
500 units available
Save $200

You asked.
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What is the Ice Barrel Chiller?

The Ice Barrel Chiller is a cold therapy device that maintains the water temperature in your Ice Barrel by using advanced cooling and SmartSense technology to bring more convenience and control to your cold therapy routine.

How does it work?

The Ice Barrel Chiller uses advanced cooling technology and SmartSense technology to provide superior energy efficiency, performance, and convenient ease of use.

What products does it work with?

The Ice Barrel Chiller integrates with all Ice Barrel models. An additional Chiller Conversion Kit is required for the Ice Barrel 400.

When does it ship? / What is the status of my order?

Pre-order shipments are expected to begin mid-summer. Chillers will be shipped out in the order they were received. You will get additional updates via email as your order is processed for shipping.

Can I finance my pre-order?

Yes, you can buy now and pay later by selecting Affirm at checkout, which allows you to complete your purchase in multiple installments.

Where is the Chiller made?

The Ice Barrel Chiller is proudly designed and engineered in the USA and manufactured in Mexico, where we are able to access advanced manufacturing techniques that are essential for our Chiller’s sophisticated design.

What temperature range can it achieve?

The Ice Barrel Chiller can cool water down to as low as 37°F, even in ambient temperatures as high as 120°F, with precision temperature control to suit your cold therapy needs.

What is the Chiller's HP?

The Ice Barrel Chiller features a 1/2 HP system specifically designed for cold therapy. Performance isn’t just about HP; it’s about how efficiently all the parts work together, from the energy-smart compressor to the SmartSense technology that conserves power. With only 6 amps needed for cooling, our system outperforms standard chillers that require up to 15-20 amps. It’s the integration and intelligent operation, not just horsepower, that defines the Ice Barrel Chiller’s superior performance.

Can it be used outdoors?

Yes, the Ice Barrel Chiller is designed to excel in various environments, including outdoor settings. Its IP67-rated components provide protection against dust and water, enhancing its durability.

Can I control the Chiller remotely?

Yes, it features Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control and schedule your Chiller remotely using the Ice Barrel App.

Do I need Wi-Fi for the Chiller?

Although Wi-Fi and App connectivity are preferred, the Ice Barrel Chiller can also be operated manually, without connection to Wi-Fi or the Ice Barrel App.

Can I have my Ice Barrel and accessories shipped separately from my pre-ordered chiller, and will there be an extra cost?

Absolutely! We understand your excitement to start using your Ice Barrel and accessories. If you’ve pre-ordered a chiller and wish to receive your other items sooner, we’re more than happy to accommodate separate shipments at no additional cost to you. Simply leave a note in the comments section at checkout indicating your preference for separate shipments. We’ll take care of the rest to ensure you can enjoy part of your order without having to wait for the chiller’s pre-sale period to conclude.

Does the Chiller have a filter?

The chiller features a 50 Micron Water Filtration system combined with a water stabilizer, ensuring consistently pristine water quality for your cold therapy sessions.

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