• Cold Plunge Maintenance Kit

    Everything you need to keep your ice plunge experience clean and enjoyable.

  • Epsom Salt

    Custom formulated USP grade eucalyptus scented epsom salt.

  • Bottle of water stabilizer

    Water Stabilizer

    Using a patented copper/silver ion formula that is designed to treat and balance water.

  • Cleaning Soap

    Cleaning Soap

    A custom blend of coconut and sunflower oils for cleaning your Ice Barrel.

  • Silicone Cleaning Brush

    Cleaning Brush

    Our cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning the Ice Barrel inside and out.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Net


    Our net is great for cleaning debris out of the Ice Barrel.

  • Shatter-Resistant Thermometer


    Our sink or float thermometer is ideal for checking temperatures in your Ice Barrel.

  • Step Stool

    Step Stool

    Replacement step stool for easy entry and exit of your Ice Barrel.

  • Replacement Cover

    Replacement Cover

    Replacement UV and water resistant cover to keep your barrel protected and clean.

  • Replacement Stand

    Replacement Stand

    Keep your Ice Barrel off the ground to gain easy access to the drain spout.

  • Replacement Lid

    Replacement Lid

    Replacement lid to keep your Ice Barrel’s water clean and cool.