Ice Barrel 400

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Cold therapy training tool

The Ice Barrel 400 is an upright, compact and durable tool that makes it easy to incorporate cold therapy into your wellness and recovery routine. We’ve designed our product to fit most body types and almost any kind of home, gym or apartment.

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  • Natural upright position – The Ice Barrel 400 allows you to enjoy a comfortable, natural upright position. This allows you to easily submerge up to your neck for maximum full-body benefit.
  • Ultra durable – The Ice Barrel 400 is made from recycled, non-toxic, medical-grade material that’s extremely durable yet lightweight and easy to clean. Plus, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Easy entry/exit – The Ice Barrel 400 includes a step stool that makes it easy to enter and exit.
  • Made in the USA from recycled materials
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Holds 397 liters (105 gallons)
  • W 31” x H 42” (Fits most body sizes up to 6’6” tall)
  • 55 lbs. when empty (930 lbs. when full)
  • Patent pending
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Ultra durable yet lightweight
Upright design
Effective and natural upright position
Includes a step stool for easy entry and exit

What’s included with your Ice Barrel

  1. Barrel

    Accessible cold therapy solution

  2. Stand

    To keep your barrel level and steady

  3. Lid

    To keep out debris

  4. Step stool

    For easy entry and exit

  5. Cover

    UV and water-resistant

Recommended by top performers

It's going to change your life. You're going to be a better person. You're going to have a more robust immune system, you're going to have more mental grit, and more stress resilience.

Eric Hinman

Endurance Athlete, 5x Ironman

“I love my Ice Barrel, its sleek design fits perfectly in my backyard. Shape and size is perfect, it’s also very durable and well insulated. It’s definitely the next best thing to having a cold stream or river in your backyard.”

Neen Williams

Pro Skateboarder

“Living in the scorching south, I barrel multiple times a week, and the Ice Barrel 300 has been a game-changer. With its impressive insulation, I no longer need to add excessive ice everytime. The design also allows for easier entry and exit as well as requiring less water.”

John Lindsey, fitness trainer and movement coach

Recent reviews

What customers are saying about Ice Barrel

“We built an outdoor gym and decided to add the Ice Barrel to enhance it. We use it every week and are able to attach a pump and sprinkler to water our landscape when it’s time to drain it.”

Bobby Hansen

“Originally, I thought I wanted a bath tub style tank. However, after using the Ice Barrel, I'm glad I went with it. Submersion up to the neck is comfortable (6'2") and it uses up less space.”

Jeff Woodmansee

“As an Ironman triathlete we are constantly taking ice baths after long workouts. The Ice Barrel is a great product for triathletes and the customer service is A+.”

Kyle Everett

“The selling points for me is the small footprint on my patio. The lid and the UV cover keep the water clean and the drainage spigot. These together are why I switched from a stock tank.”

Ryan Lopez

You asked.
We answered.

Should I get the Ice Barrel 300, 400 or 500?

Each Ice Barrel model is unique in its own way. When considering which is best for you, consider climate, accessibility, and how you will use the barrel. The 300 is shorter and wider, so it is easier to enter and exit without using a step stool. The 300 is also fully insulated and has built-in chiller ports, so it’s a great choice for those who live in warmer climates. The 400 is taller, so it allows for a more relaxed upright position — especially for people over 6 feet tall. It comes with a step stool for easy entry and exit. The 500 is the largest, comfortably fitting most body sizes up to 6’9″ tall with built-in stairs and an interior seat. It’s also fully insulated with built-in chiller ports, ideal for warm climates or high-volume use.

Does Ice Barrel have a chiller?

Yes! The Ice Barrel Chiller is now available for pre-order. Order today to save $200 and be one of the first to get the world’s most advanced cold therapy chiller.

How do I clean and maintain the Ice Barrel?

All Ice Barrel models require very little maintenance. They feature an easy-to-use drain spout that connects to a standard garden hose. We recommend changing the water every four weeks or as preferred. You can keep your water cleaner for longer by using our Water Stabilizer. We recommend our Maintenance Kit, which includes everything you need to keep your ice bath experience clean and enjoyable.

Will I fit?

The Ice Barrel 300 comfortably fits most body sizes up to 6′ tall. The Ice Barrel 400 comfortably fits most body sizes up to 6’6″, while the Ice Barrel 500 comfortably fits most body sizes up to 6’9″.

How are Ice Barrels made?

We take pride in the fact that our Ice Barrel models are made in the USA using a very involved process to get the edges smooth and to make the barrel extremely durable. The Ice Barrel products you see today took years of research and development to produce the consistent, high-quality products that our customers love.

Can I put it on a balcony?

All Ice Barrel models can fit through standard 31″ doors, so they are all great options for apartments or limited spaces such as balconies. Consider the size, layout, and weight capacity of your location when selecting a barrel.

Ice Barrel 300
Weight empty: 61 lb
Weight full: 700 lb
Dimensions: W 35.5″ x H 30.5″

Ice Barrel 400
Weight empty: 55 lb
Weight full: 900 lb
Dimensions: W 31″ x H 42″

Ice Barrel 500
Weight empty: 106 lb
Weight full: 900 lb
Dimensions: L 57.6″ x W 30.7″ x H 42.1″

Can I buy now and pay later?

We offer two financing options at checkout — Affirm and Afterpay — which allow you to complete your purchase in multiple interest-free installments. Reach out to our team if you have any questions about our financing options.

How can I use the Ice Barrel Chiller with this?

The Ice Barrel 400 requires a Conversion Kit to be used with the Ice Barrel Chiller.

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