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Recover like the pros
CrossFit Games athlete and 2023 Spirit of the Games award recipient Roman Khrennikov recovers in an Ice Barrel 400
CrossFit athlete Emma Lawson, 2nd Fittest in the World, recovering in an Ice Barrel 400
2023 CrossFit Champion and Fittest Woman on Earth Laura Horvath recovers in an Ice Barrel 400

Recover faster with Ice Barrel

Prioritize your recovery

At Ice Barrel, we know the crucial role recovery plays in your performance. While intense workouts get you gains, the body's ability to recover is equally vital.

Hit your CrossFit goals

An official sponsor of the CrossFit Games, Ice Barrel has become a key recovery tool for both recreational and elite CrossFit athletes.

Get exclusive deals

Because we are on a mission to help CrossFitters everywhere get colder and feel better, we’re offering this exclusive deal to the CrossFit community!

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Recent reviews

What customers are saying about Ice Barrel

“We built an outdoor gym and decided to add the Ice Barrel to enhance it. We use it every week and are able to attach a pump and sprinkler to water our landscape when it’s time to drain it.”

Bobby Hansen

“Originally, I thought I wanted a bath tub style tank. However, after using the Ice Barrel, I'm glad I went with it. Submersion up to the neck is comfortable (6'2") and it uses up less space.”

Jeff Woodmansee

“As an Ironman triathlete we are constantly taking ice baths after long workouts. The Ice Barrel is a great product for triathletes and the customer service is A+.”

Kyle Everett

“The selling points for me is the small footprint on my patio. The lid and the UV cover keep the water clean and the drainage spigot. These together are why I switched from a stock tank.”

Ryan Lopez

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