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“It's also super easy to maintain: Simply drain and replace the water every four weeks or so, and add ice to cool it down.”

Runner's World

“Where the Ice Barrel really stands out among competitors is in its design and function. Using it is very straightforward: simply fill it with ice and water and take the plunge. It really is that simple.”

Sports Illustrated

“I’ve had the pleasure of testing one out for a couple weeks now, and on my honor, this thing is legit.”


“[Ice Barrel] delivers spa-like results, requiring little effort on the user. It can hold up to 105 gallons of water and has enough space to comfortably submerge almost anyone.”

The Daily Beast

“Easy set up? Check. Small-space friendly? Check. Simple to clean? Check, check, check. The Ice Barrel ticks off all our boxes, which is what makes it the best overall at-home ice bath on our list.”


“The Ice Barrel is surprisingly efficient at maintaining sub-50º F temperatures, and the space-saving design can keep your patio, deck or driveway far less crowded.”

Gear Patrol

“The cool thing about the Ice Barrel is that it is literally shaped like a barrel, so you have more flexibility in your placement, and it only weighs 55 pounds when empty — which means you can always 'change locations' like Drake and Future.”


“As you can see, the Ice Barrel is the best choice for those looking for a lightweight, portable and affordable cold plunging product.”

The Salt Lake Tribune

“Ice Barrel makes cold therapy more accessible by offering a barrel, lid, stand, step stool, and protective UV cover. Try it out for yourself as you amp up the self-care this holiday season.”

Honest Brand Reviews

“I like the flexibility of being able to add a chiller later or purchase one from Ice Barrel when they launch one in the future.”


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