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Positioning in your Ice Barrel – Why Upright Beats Lounging

There are many ways to experience the benefits of cold water – from jumping into a frozen lake to high-end…

Man smiling during an ice bath in an Ice Barrel

7 Ice Bath Hacks to Enhance Your Experience

Taking an ice bath can be an exhilarating experience in its own right. The rush of the cold, the gentle…

Feeroozeh Saghafi prepares for a home ice bath in an Ice Barrel

Your Complete Guide to In-Home Cold Therapy

Do you want to get started with cold therapy but you’re stressing over which in-home therapy tool to choose? We…

CrossFit athlete Brittany Weiss dips into an Ice Barrel to boost her recovery after a CrossFit workout

Make It to More CrossFit Classes With the Help of Cold Water Immersion

CrossFit is an incredible way to build strength, but to get the best results you must properly recover between workouts….

Man taking a full-body, upright ice bath using Ice Barrel

Positioning in your Ice Barrel – Why Upright Beats Lounging

There are many ways to experience the benefits of cold water – from jumping into a frozen lake to high-end…

Runner tired after bonking, or hitting the wall, during a marathon

Do You Bonk During Your Run? Here’s Why and What To Do About It

Many long-distance athletes are familiar with the concept of bonking or “hitting the wall.” It’s the sudden, severe fatigue that…

Woman and man celebrating her first ice bath in an Ice Barrel

7 Cold Therapy Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or you pride yourself on staying healthy and fit, cold therapy may become an essential…


Cold Shock Proteins: What They Are and What They Do

It’s well-established that periodic cold exposure can have positive effects on human health. Whether you’re exercising in cold weather or…

Woman laying on a couch

Are Your Hormones Out of Whack? Here’s What to Do About It

Hormones have powerful effects on the body, so having too much or too little of certain hormones can leave you…

Woman looking at the sky

Resilience is a Virtue: The Science of Pushing Your Limits

From intense workouts to hot sauna sessions to cold water plunges, many people enjoy pushing their minds and bodies to…

Woman looking out the window

Combat the Winter Blues with Cold Therapy — Yes, Really!

When the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, about 10% to 20% of Americans feel a decline in their…

Woman cooking

Biohacks that Work and the Science that Proves It

Biohacking is a growing trend in wellness and self-improvement spaces. Biohackers use a range of techniques to strategically improve their…

IV Therapy

IV Therapy and Cold Therapy: The Ultimate Recovery Combo

If you try to keep up with the latest science surrounding post-workout recovery practices, you may have heard of IV…

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