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Positioning in your Ice Barrel – Why Upright Beats Lounging

There are many ways to experience the benefits of cold water – from jumping into a frozen lake to high-end…

The Ice Barrel App: Your Cold Therapy Co-Pilot

Introducing the Ice Barrel App: a hub for cold therapy enthusiasts everywhere to track and measure progress, access guided coaching…

Man smiling after an ice bath

7 Ice Bath Benefits That Make the Cold Worth It

When it comes to feeling better, people are willing to try just about anything.  The simple act of getting in…

Made in America: Unlocking Wellness with Ice Barrel’s Innovative Products

Ice Barrel Stands at the Corner of Wellness and Innovation In the world of health and wellness, innovation often takes…

6 Cold Therapy Benefits for Runners

Cold therapy, in the form of ice baths and other cooling techniques, has become a popular recovery method among runners…

Mal O’Brien on Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we sat down with Ice Barrel Ambassador Mal O’Brien to dive into how…

Using an Ice Barrel 300

Building a Cold Therapy Routine

Creating a cold therapy routine is a journey that can bring a range of benefits. From improved recovery to enhanced…

CrossFit Games Athlete Brooke Wells takes an ice bath in an Ice Barrel 300

Q&A with CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells

One of the biggest names in CrossFit, Brooke Wells is hoping to qualify for the CrossFit Games for the ninth…

Q&A with Biohacker David Maus Jr.

David Maud Jr’s passion for health, longevity and biohacking has led him down a path of experimentation and self-discovery that…

hand holding small gift

Feel-Good Gift Guide

Welcome to the Ice Barrel Holiday Gift Guide, where we’ve carefully curated a selection of gifts to help you feel…

Mobility coach and ice bath enthusiast John Lindsey

Q&A with Mobility Coach John Lindsey

John Lindsey is a movement coach and cold therapy enthusiast dedicated to enhancing his own capabilities and sharing what he…

Woman preparing for an ice bath in an Ice Barrel 300

Ice Bath Terms Every Cold Plunge Enthusiast Should Know

Getting into cold plunging can feel a bit like joining a club (of the coolest kind). And just like many…

Man standing on a dock on a cold, rainy day

Does the Cold Make You Sick? Answers to Your Ice Bath and Illness Questions

You’ve probably heard that going outside with wet hair is how you catch a cold. Or you’ve heard one of…

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