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Mal O’Brien on Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we sat down with Ice Barrel Ambassador Mal O’Brien to dive into how…

CrossFit Games Athlete Brooke Wells takes an ice bath in an Ice Barrel 300

Q&A with CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells

One of the biggest names in CrossFit, Brooke Wells is hoping to qualify for the CrossFit Games for the ninth…

Man flexing while taking an ice bath in his ice barrel

9 Challenges to Level Up Your Ice Bath

For many ice bath enthusiasts, the cold plunge becomes a vital part of their wellness routine. If you’re feeling in…

7 Reasons Ice Barrel is the Perfect Gift for All Dads this Father’s Day

7 Reasons to Give Dad an Ice Barrel for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day quickly flying around the corner, many are checking out all the trendiest gadgets, sporting goods, and home…

What Does Your Heart Rate Variability Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Heart Rate Variability Say About Your Health?

Health-conscious people may track a wide variety of health indicators on a daily basis. You may track everything from your…

muscular man doing pull-ups

8 Easy Steps To Improve Your Post-Workout Recovery Routine

Regular workouts help the body to perform at its best. With exercise, however, comes body aches and stiff muscles, especially…

woman exercising on a mat

Ice Baths After a Workout: Good or Bad for Building Strength?

Building mass and getting stronger are two different things. Below are some recommendations that may be helpful when your goal…

man working out

Setting up your Post-Workout Ice Bath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help you Master this Process

Setting up a post-workout ice bath is an effective way to recover from muscle aches and stiffness. Cold therapy can…

Do Ice Baths Help Your Muscles After Hard Workouts?

Do Ice Baths Help Your Muscles After Hard Workouts?

Taking a cold plunge after a hard workout is one of the quickest and most effective ways to soothe post-workout muscle soreness….

Optimizing Athlete’s Post-Workout Recovery

Optimizing Athletes’ Post-Workout Recovery

There are multiple things that you can do to optimize your recovery after a workout. Some of these include optimizing…

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