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Man warming up with a towel, woman sipping coffee after an ice bath in an Ice Barrel

The Best Ways to Warm Up After Your Ice Bath

Exposing yourself to cold can open you up to numerous benefits, but what happens after we end a cold therapy…

Woman relaxing while taking an ice bath in an ice barrel

Making Your Ice Bath Easier

There are plenty of reasons to regularly take ice baths. Cold water immersion can ease aches and pains, boost your…

Woman relaxing while taking an ice bath in an Ice Barrel

Avoid These Common Cold Therapy Mistakes

Practicing cold therapy has many benefits for your mental and physical health. From boosting circulation to reducing inflammation, there are…

Deep breathing during an ice bath can make it more relaxing and enjoyable.

5 Breathing Techniques to Practice Before an Ice Bath

Controlling your breathing during an ice bath can be a challenging thing to do. Exposing yourself to cold water can…

Cold water for a natural ice bath

Getting Your Ice Bath Cold

There isn’t one and only one way to experience the benefits of cold therapy. We all have our own preferences,…

Optimal Temperature for Ice Baths

Ideal Temperature for Ice Baths

How to achieve and maintain the optimal temperature for your ice baths are important things to know to make sure…

Man smiling during an ice bath in an Ice Barrel

7 Ice Bath Hacks to Enhance Your Experience

Taking an ice bath can be an exhilarating experience in its own right. The rush of the cold, the gentle…

Feeroozeh Saghafi prepares for a home ice bath in an Ice Barrel

Your Complete Guide to In-Home Cold Therapy

Do you want to get started with cold therapy but you’re stressing over which in-home therapy tool to choose? We…

Woman and man celebrating her first ice bath in an Ice Barrel

7 Cold Therapy Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or you pride yourself on staying healthy and fit, cold therapy may become an essential…

The Most Common Reasons Why People Avoid Ice Baths But Shouldn’t

Most Common Reasons People Avoid Ice Baths (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Cold therapy remains one of the most debated recovery techniques today, and that’s due to several myths surrounding the effects…

many ice cubes

Ice Packs Vs. Ice Baths: The Differences To Your Health And Recovery

Cold therapy, whether through full-body immersion with an ice bath or localized application with an ice pack, has proven to…

man in a bathtub

Ice Baths vs. Cold Showers: Why You Should Upgrade

There are many reasons why people swear by ice baths. Ice baths can be a beneficial addition to your journey…

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